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Entry #6


2015-12-15 13:56:44 by BoobMarley

Watch my cartoon immediately you stupid fucking bastards:



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2015-12-15 16:00:08

Did this idea come along because Glenn Howerton was in the running to play Star Lord?

BoobMarley responds:

No, but that is a fun fact. Also, fans hoped Charlie would audition for Rocket but he didn't give a shit.


2015-12-15 16:52:57

I think this is a re-upload. Official title was "The Gang Guards The Galaxy" before. Who cares, right, but I guess I'm morbidly curious as for why the re-upload? Either way I love it, great work.

BoobMarley responds:

It was a timing thing. After the original upload I decided I would prefer James Gunn to see it first before it got its ass chewed by the wolves. So then I uploaded that shit to youtube like a sellout, he retweeted it, it enjoyed its 15 minutes, and then I felt comfortable sharing it with you mutants.


2015-12-15 17:32:59

Ah that's cool. I make choices like that sometimes too, nice to see someone else thinks like that. Dirty sellout club. It's only shameful if you allow yourself to feel shame. Speaking of being shameless, also, if you ever need an extra voice actor, I really like your work, feel free to contact me. I'll link the demo here but feel free to flip through my profile for other stuff.

Thanks for taking the time!

BoobMarley responds:

Thanks, brother. I sat down and had a self-talk where I conceded that all I really wanted out animating the goofy little clip was to be acknowledged by James Gunn. Wasn't trying to say anything new or profound, or even really express myself that much. Once I got that out of the way, I had no qualms about uploading to youtube and promoting in the twittosphere.

I was actually just writing a script for an original short today that will require voices beyond my range and ability. I watched your demo - you definitely have the right stuff. As I drill down into more specifics with the script and have lines written I'll send them your way to see if you're willing and interested.


2015-12-15 18:35:31

He liked the movie and wanted James Gunn to see it. Maybe read through the comments next time before posting something stupid, brewster. (Or get the supporter upgrade so you can see the edited or removed ones.)


2015-12-15 18:37:50

Just because something isn't creative or the most funny thing you've ever seen doesn't mean that it's "selling out." I doubt he got paid for this. Slow your roll.

BoobMarley responds:

I actually got paid a lot for this.