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The Chalice of Marfa Guide

Posted by BoobMarley - September 11th, 2013


You're stuck somewhere in this god-forsaken game, huh? Well, it's not your fault. You're probably pretty smart in real life, so the game designer must be the retard here. 

Instead of getting into the designer's mind and dissecting his thought processes to reverse-engineer solutions to his puzzles though, how about we just go down the line and I tell you answers and tricks? Hell yeah, that's what I thought. 


1.) The Key Puzzle

This really isn't a puzzle. It's just a matter of choice. The first two keys will kill you (yeah, the sharp looking one and the one with a skull face on it), and the one on the far right is the one that will progress you past a Game Over screen.


2.) Ghim's Block Puzzle

Seriously fuck this puzzle. Legos were used to help design it by hand. Anyways, reading your choices from left-to-right, it's the third schematic.


3.) Marble Maze

I would blow my brains out if I had to play this maze more than once. Luckily you can avoid putting up with its bullshit if you know anything about flash maze puzzles. You can either just swipe the ever-living crap out your mouse and land the marble in the gears without consequence, or you can right click your mouse immediately after activating the marble, regain the cursor, and left-click on the gears. Pfft, now who's the smart one.


4.) Bowl of Apples

This isn't a puzzle, it just kills you for taking more than one. 


5.) Deedlit's Portrait Puzzle

It's the only piece that makes sense. Just click that one. What's that? Which one exactly? Ugh, the bottom left piece. 


6.) Shiris & Orson's Tile Thing

Fuck, really? You're reading the guide for this? Look at Hint #2 right there in the game, Eisenstein. 


7.) Etoh's Intestines

I can't remember the answer to this one off the top of my head, but there are only two choices. If you get Etoh killed by clicking one of the buttons, just click the other button next time. 


8.) Slayn

This is like the best part of the game, I wish there was more of it. Ah well. It's the book to on the left side of the frame.


9.) Who the fuck is the Lich?

You're wasting your time if you approach this one conventionally. The characters' quotes will not add up to you deducing who the Lich is. There are seven people on the screen during this puzzle. Click on the seventh person. 



Congratulations, you did it you! You read this guide and clicked all the things in the righ sequence! 


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Could I trouble you to point out where the two secret galleries are? I found Secret #2, the doorway above Shiris & Orson, but where's the other one?

I'll PM you.