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Ya'll gave Yajirobe his proper respect. No one could ask for me.

Rock solid work as always, brother. If people don't get it, it's their loss.
Your writing and animation style are among the most conjoined in the field. I think you've gotten more concise over the years too, which I imagine is hard to do with such tangential stuff.

You know I'm a fan, but this one really felt phoned-in...
It's like you're at the point where you need to be wrapping a few things up and tying things together, but aren't quite committed to taking that final plunge yet. I dunno.

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This was a really smooth and tight game for one done in the LD38 time limit. You clearly have pride in your work and the polish shows.
I particularly liked the transition between the first two rooms as a physical movement with the "camera" as opposed to the normal fade-to-black.
Definitely something to proud of, and as with most LD games, I encourage to keep building off this. Thanks for sharing, and way to go!

JoshuaStone responds:

Thank you for the very kind words! I will definitely be making a bigger game based on this, and it'll probably even become a series! :D

Dude this game is great! Awesome use of the concept and sweet, simple graphics and controls that really showcase your ability to do a lot with a little.
Congratulations also on finishing the challenge, my Ludum Dare brother!

Damn fine job on the compo, brother!
Great concept, quick to learn and play, and awesome mix of the art styles and music.
Hope you got some much-needed rest.

Mantis1 responds:

Thank you, much sleep was had after Ludum Dare ended!

On an similar note, I also liked your Compo game, Devoured Intellect. I think it deserves a sequel.

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This is excellent and is something that, sadly, bears repeating with each generation.

You can ignore NeonSpider's drivel of a review down below. Seems like he got on a high horse and never came off. Like seriously, he got waaay into some SJW shit there, lol.

You've never failed to hit us right in the noodle with your wit and masterful composition and delivery. Keep up the great work, pal, you're making our days better!

I named them all.

There are far worse ways to go. Far worse things to drown in.
Try as you might to evoke morbidity and despair (that cheap paper really did its part in keeping things hazy, dark, and nightmarish) I'm comfortable with this.

Also - not to be neglected - excellent hands. Too many people phone-in hands because they're surprisingly complicated for things that are really just pads with five wieners attached to them flailing on a cluster of bones. You even got that sweet articulation of palmaris longus in there.

radiodark responds:

Aw, thanks! I love hands- they're super expressive and not really /that/ hard to draw, not when you can use your own hands for reference.

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