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Most brutal episode of Adventure Time ever...

Posted by BoobMarley - July 4th, 2014

There's an episode of Adventure Time where we see that Finn is an abused 12 year-old inner city kid living in the American 90's. When his dog Jake, his only friend in the world, is killed by bullies the last shred of his sanity is destroyed. After several violent outbreaks at school, Finn is committed to a juvenile mental care facility where he befriends other broken and discarded children like himself. His violent impulses and his distrust of authority/parental figures lead him to escape the facility on several occasions - each one a special "adventure" in his own mind. The facility medicates Finn to the point that his entire perception of reality becomes the stuff of candy creatures, gruesome monsters, and magical relics. It gets so bad that he begins to believe Jake is alive again, fighting and questing by his side. The episode ends with Finn getting his hands on a bottle of anti-freeze, yelling "Princess Bubblegum! I found the magic potion, you've gotta drink it!" and pouring it into the mouth of a girl strapped to an operating table for a lobotomy.

This is the only screenshot I could find from this episode. It's from the part where Finn gives Jake a "street burial" by pushing his body down into the sewer. Ugh, I wish there was a gif or webm of this or something, such a powerful scene...



This was a pretty harsh episode, it's been months since I've seen it but I'm still rattled. If you've seen this one and wanna talk about it, I guess this is as good a place as any. The show was so chill, fuck...

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Not as brutal as the episode where his dad rapes him. But that one was more along the lines of a dark comedy.

I think that rape one's a hoax, it's not really an episode.

Is this actually a thing? I can't find any reference online to this episode, do you remember the title?
Hoping for legit, I kinda want to watch it... o_o

When I saw it I didn't see the very beginning so I missed the title card. I've been looking for it online for days now, there's almost nothing about it on the wiki.

Did you even see the episode? I can't find the episode so it could be a hoax

Why would Cartoon Network hoax us? I don't know what to tell you dude, I can't find it online either. Maybe they pulled it from TV and it's only available as a special feature on one of the DVDs or something.

They show a lot of stuff on Adventure Time. One show which got my attention was when they showed an episode where Lemon Gram rolls out the window and starts making retarded sounds while taking off his clothes in some castle field.

Another one was when there is this guy Fiona the human likes and that Prince takes her to the bedroom and starts laughing evilly while zipping down his shirt. Kind of sick and weird so this doesn't really come to any surprise that Adventure Time showed this.

Thanks, Master Awesome, this actually makes me feel kind of better about the whole thing.

It really is one of the darker kids cartoons on TV at the moment when you think about it... the animation is great though. And the show itself is really creative

Which season was it?


Yeah, almost as brutal as The Color Purple, it was a good episode, far deeper than the usual fare. I'm overdue on watching AT, haven't seen any new episodes this year.. should be nice catching up.

Glad you shook off your rookie mistake and resubmitted Arrow vs Stardust, you wouldn't have been the only one lost in that shuffle... even the CD submission scores were all over the place.